Traduction de Laurent de Premierfait

In the present volume, Giuseppe Di Stefano oners the reader a first edition of the first translation into French of the integral text of Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron (1348-53). This monumental endeavor, having spanned a major portion of the editor's international career, contributes to the field of philology a work as important as his Dictionnaire des locutions en mcyenjrançaù (CERES, 1991) . The edition is an indispensable tool for the study of middle French idioms, as well as an invaluable document delineating Boccaccio's early diffusion and reception in France. Published under the tides of Decameron, De Cameron, Le Uwe des Cent Nouvelles de Jehan Bocace de Certald or Prince Galeot, the French translation of the Italian's popular collection of one hundred novelle was carried out by Laurent de Premierfait (d. 1418), a prominent, although understudied, late-medieval humanist.


Montréal, Editions Ceres